Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

51iOs-WxUuL Charlie’s family was very poor and consisted of seven people; 4 grandparents; Grandpa Joe, Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George, Grandma Georgina; Charlie’s mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Bucket; and little Charlie. One day, in the newspaper, there is an article that says Mr. Willy Wonka, the owner of the Willa Wonka Chocolate Factory, says that he sent out 5 regular wrapped chocolate bars with golden tickets inside. And that whichever 5 lucky children find the tickets, they get a special tour of the factory. Charlie’s family could not afford to buy lots of chocolate bars to try and find one of the golden tickets, but Charlie’s birthday was coming up, and his only present was a 25-cent chocolate bar, saved up by the whole family. He does not get it, but then his Grandpa Joe gives him pocket money to buy another. Still no luck. But the next day, he finds a dollar bill in the snow. He goes and buys a bar of chocolate. No luck. Then, the fat shopkeeper (yes, I said fat.) gives Charlie change and Charlie buys another. He finds the golden ticket! Now, you will have to find out the rest for yourself (and no, don’t ask me).




51GROkPXM+LThe Palace of Laughter is the first book of a the series, The Wednesday Tales. It is about a boy named Miles who wants to find his mom and dad on his way to find his stuffed teddy bear he finds a talking tiger who leads him to the palace of laughter, where he has to save an song angel named Little, who is trying to find her brother silverpoint ,who is  a storm angel. Miles finds  a mean ringmaster named The Great Cortado who has a plan to gets lots of money! Will Miles find his teddy bear? Will Little find her brother? Will Miles stop The Great Cortado? Find out in The Palace of Laughter!


0f7b90b809a095c27fd17110.LThis second book of Harry Potter, The Chamber of Secrets, is about Harry finding a chamber of secrets and saving his friend’s sister, and killing Lord Voldemort’s 16 year old memory.There is also a giant snake going around and peralizing people/turning them so they can’t move.  Everyone thinks Harry is doing all these things!! Will Harry kill the snake? Will Harry save Ron’s sister Jinny ? Will everyone believe Harry? Find out in J.K Rowling’s second book of Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!

A MOUSE CALLED WOLF! by Dick King-Smith

A soon to be mother mouse was making her nest. She found a music book and she shredded up the pages to make her nest comfortable for the coming baby mice. The last born had to be named. The mom found a page from the music book that didn’t get shredded. It said “Wolfgang Amadeus Mo” so that is what she named the last born. Wolfgang had a hidden talent, he could sing.

My favorite part of the book is when he makes friends with Ms Honeybee. She teaches him new songs. I like it because mice and humans should be afraid of each other, but they are good friends.


51pQydWBC5L._SY300_PS This Author also wrote BABE The Gallant Pig, another great book to read.

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HHHHEEELLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!! Ramona’s trouble is at it again! She squeezed a whole tube of toothpaste in the sink and wore her pajamas to school. You will have to read it to find out  what else she did. It is so fun!


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I just finished this book and it is very funny. But it doesn’t have a phantom in it.

It’s about a boy named Milo and he isn’t really interested in himself. So he finds a box in the front of the door of his apartment. And the box has the tollbooth in it. So he sets it up. He gets in a toy car, but it is his size. Then he was on his way. He  drove into the Doldrums and met a dog named Tock. And that’s when the adventure begins!!! A fun literary and play on words adventure. You will think different of being bored after reading Milo’s adventure.