Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson

51EXktQthNLFinn Whitman was just a normal preteen living in Orlando, until his mom signed him up for something to do with Disney World. Once there, he met four other kids his age that were going to do the same thing he was. Their names were Philby, Willa, Charlene, and Maybeck. Philby is the brainiac to the group, Willa is the nerdy girl, Charlene is the cute, athletic girl, and Maybeck is a guy with an attitude. One night, when Finn goes to sleep, he dreams he is in Magic Kingdom. Only it is not a dream. It turned out that the thing that he did made a little mistake. He finds out that all the villains are trying to take over all the parks and that he and his new friends have to try to stop them from their disastrous plot. Finn and his friends have  to save the precious Disney Parks (and possibly the world) before it’s too late.

P.S. There are more than seven books in the series.

WARNING: This book may be  HIGHLY addictive (and very possibly to be as good as chocolate (: ) to you as it is to me.