Scarlet by: Marissa Meyer

In this stunning sequel to Cinder, Scarlet Benoit is a young French girl, eighteen years old, and nothing to those around her but a nuisance. Her grandmother has gone missing, and the police say she either ran away, or committed suicide, but Scarlet knows better. She can get no one to listen and help, until she meets a mysterious street fighter named Wolf, who becomes a friend, and soon, more than just that.



Cinder by: Marissa Meyer

Cinder is just an ordinary cyborg in a dystopian future Beijing. She lives with her stepmom Adri and her step sisters Pearl, who doesn’t like her very much; and Peony, who loves Cinder very much. She works at a small market mechanic shop she owns, and fixes people’s port screens, droids and other mechanical things. She thinks she is nothing special, with her mechanical “monstrosities”, but one day she gets a unusual customer that may just change her life for the better.



51Hy1qm-iDLThis book is about how children have a whole different world of their own called Hokey Pokey. They have a king named Jack, and Jack has a nemesis who steals his precious living bike, Scramjet, and she even changed it’s name! Jack hates her so much (or just acts like he hates her) that all he calls her is girl, and he even says it like a pile of dirt. Anyway, Jack wants to leave Hokey Pokey, but he doesn’t even know how just like the kid. Find out what happens in Jerry Spinelli’s book, Hokey Pokey.