Legend by: Marie Lu


June and Day are people that you wouldn’t expect to cross paths, June, a military prodigy not to mention Obedient, passionate and born into one of the wealthy districts in the Republic. Day, the most wanted criminal in the Republic. When June’s brother Metias is murdered, the prime suspect is Day. Now, with June joining the Military of the Republic undercover as she hunts down Day, the prime suspect of her brother’s murder , and Day trying to save his family. As June and Day enter an extreme game of Cat and Mouse, they accidentally stumble upon the horrible truths about the utopia they call the Republic. Romance soon gets in June’s way and June gets in Day’s way of saving his family.


Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 by: Richard Paul Evans

UnknownMichael is a no one. Or so he thinks. Sure, he’s fifteen, has Tourette’s, and shorter than most girls, but he’s also electric. And someone is trying to get him. After witnessing the kidnapping of his mother and the mysterious absence of friend Taylor Ridley, he and his best friend genius Ostin Liss go to save them both. But little do they know what danger lies ahead…


Scarlet by: Marissa Meyer

In this stunning sequel to Cinder, Scarlet Benoit is a young French girl, eighteen years old, and nothing to those around her but a nuisance. Her grandmother has gone missing, and the police say she either ran away, or committed suicide, but Scarlet knows better. She can get no one to listen and help, until she meets a mysterious street fighter named Wolf, who becomes a friend, and soon, more than just that.



UnknownAn ancient book has been stolen, and if the guardians die nothing can save the world from being ripped apart at the seams. Truth: Nicholas Flamel was born in 1330. The Legend: nicholas lives. He protects a book that keeps him and his wife immortal. In the wrong hands the book can be used to destroy the world. Sophie and Josh were normal kids  until they see magic in the making and become in danger. If they do not find Mr Flamel’s wife and the book the will die and the world along with them. Sophie and Josh find them selves in the middle of the greatest legend of all time

– Molly


Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson

51EXktQthNLFinn Whitman was just a normal preteen living in Orlando, until his mom signed him up for something to do with Disney World. Once there, he met four other kids his age that were going to do the same thing he was. Their names were Philby, Willa, Charlene, and Maybeck. Philby is the brainiac to the group, Willa is the nerdy girl, Charlene is the cute, athletic girl, and Maybeck is a guy with an attitude. One night, when Finn goes to sleep, he dreams he is in Magic Kingdom. Only it is not a dream. It turned out that the thing that he did made a little mistake. He finds out that all the villains are trying to take over all the parks and that he and his new friends have to try to stop them from their disastrous plot. Finn and his friends have  to save the precious Disney Parks (and possibly the world) before it’s too late.

P.S. There are more than seven books in the series.

WARNING: This book may be  HIGHLY addictive (and very possibly to be as good as chocolate (: ) to you as it is to me.


Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy


Stephanie was a girl much like me until her uncle mysteriously passed away and willed his mansion and fortune to her. That night, her adventures begin in a world she never knew before. As she embarks on her new mystical journey she rides on a roller coaster of excitement and fear. Stephanie teams up with a skeleton detective to solve the thrilling mystery of saving her world from evils of another world.

The adventure involves vampires, zombies, sorcerers, and a man with a deadly red hand.

I hope you enjoy Skulduggery Pleasant just as much as I did. Don’t worry, this is the first book in a series so there is plenty for you to read.



51GROkPXM+LThe Palace of Laughter is the first book of a the series, The Wednesday Tales. It is about a boy named Miles who wants to find his mom and dad on his way to find his stuffed teddy bear he finds a talking tiger who leads him to the palace of laughter, where he has to save an song angel named Little, who is trying to find her brother silverpoint ,who is  a storm angel. Miles finds  a mean ringmaster named The Great Cortado who has a plan to gets lots of money! Will Miles find his teddy bear? Will Little find her brother? Will Miles stop The Great Cortado? Find out in The Palace of Laughter!