Fairest by: Marissa Meyer

If you’ve read the rest of the Lunar Chronicles series(Cinder, Scarlet, Cress), you’d probably know who Queen Levana is, what she can do, and how she can do it. You know her as ruthless, evil, and merciless, but this book gives you a different perspective, and it shows you why she, in fact, acts that way.

It also shows where Winter came from, and how Princess Selene “died”. It also shows why Levana “looks” the way she does. And by looks, I mean why she changed her form to that particular face. It shows what a jerk Channary can be, and how those awful subjects of hers ignored her at her own birthday party! Oops, shouldn’t of said that. oh, well, just read Fairest! Thank you, Marissa Meyer, for making such a wonderful series I could’t drag myself away from!



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