The Misadventures of Edgar and Allan Poe: The Tell-Tale Start by: Gordon McAlpine

“Look, when it comes to twins there are three kinds: fraternal, identical, and . . . you.”- quote from book

Edgar and Allan are twins, as you might of already guessed. They live with their aunt and uncle, hang out with their cat, Roderick Usher, and pretty much live the good life. Like the average school boy, they once slept in class, get in trouble with teachers, and pull a lot of fiendish, legendary pranks. But unlike the average school boy, they are smarter than the teachers, read each other’s minds, and they receive assistance from a dead ancestor, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe himself!

And someone killed their parents. And that someone is also out to get them…..

Follow the Poe twins as they scare the pee out of some bullies, travel across the country, and prevent a murder of… one of them! And why does that license plate spell out,”DNGR4U2″?



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